Bed Bug Removal

When a Bed Bug infestation occurs, many of us are left wondering what the best way to get rid of Bed Bugs is. We know it can be a difficult thing to deal with and it can even be an expensive one. Here are some tips that will help you get rid of Bed Bugs fast and effectively.

First off, take all furniture, mattresses, curtains and bedding off of your beds. Wash them thoroughly, placing them in the washing machine on high, then dry them thoroughly. Also place any stuffed animals, luggage, and any clothing item which may be unable to be washed in the washing machine in the dryer for the longest time possible. The higher heat setting will help to kill off any remaining bugs quickly. This should be done in all corners of the room where the Bed Bugs was found.

Now that your furniture has been removed, you need to locate the Bed Bug’s nest. Most Bed Bugs does not live very deep within the fabric of a bed, but you should be sure not to leave them unattended when you are trying to find the nest because they will move into another home if they are not properly disposed of. Take a cloth or two, dip it in any anti-Bed Bug detergent, shake the cloth off and clean up the area by using a brush. You should be able to remove all traces of the Stain or Odor the Bed Bug caused.

Once the cloth or detergent has been completely removed, you can begin your Bed Bug Removal process. If your Bed Bug is living on or near the floor, use the vacuum cleaner to suck it all out. Next you should use a damp cloth to thoroughly dry off any clothing that was not put through the washing machine and then throw them away. If there are any rugs that are infested, you should vacuum them as well to make sure nothing has survived the treatment.

Once you have gotten rid of any clothing that you can use a hot soapy solution in order to get rid of any remaining Bed Bug blood and odor. The hot soapy solution will work great to disinfect the stain or odor that is left on the clothes. After the soapy solution has dried, place the clothing in your washer or a few times to air dry them off and then hang them out to dry to allow for their proper drying. When you hang out the clothing to dry you should place them back on your bed so the stain or odor doesn’t penetrate into any fabric that you lay on.

If you are trying to use a hot water bath to get rid of a Bed Bug infestation you will have to use hot water in a large area where the infestation is. You can use this method in combination with other methods to thoroughly kill them. The best thing you can do is place a large tub full of water in a container on all sides of the bathtub so that the entire bed Bug population is killed and removed. Once the water is out, you can then dispose of the tub and the containers using your normal washing machine. Now that your bed Bug removal process has been completed you will want to dry off your mattress, sheets, bed skirt and sheets thoroughly to make sure nothing is left behind.

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